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Almost done..."resolutions"

OK, so my attempt to complete a piece for Illustration Friday is not exactly going according to plan...we found out yesterday that our offer on a house was FINALLY accepted (after searching since last summer), so that has meant that today and the next few days will be frantically filled with inspections and paperwork. I had hoped to really work on this piece and even include a tutorial version, but instead I am having to rush a bit, since I know I won't have time to work on it tomorrow due to house stuff. It's a good thing (we've been so anxious to get a house) though!

Anyway, here's what I illustrated for the topic "resolutions." It's a work in progress; I still want to add in a sidewalk/street in the background, and work on the window reflections a bit more, but I think the basic idea comes across...keep jogging, or stop for cupcakes?

I'm proud of myself for actually getting to a point where I have something to submit! Yay me. :)


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