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My Favorite Sites

Here's a list of some websites and blogs that I highly recommend!
If you'd like to be featured here, or are willing to link to me in exchange, let me know!

THE BIZ: Sources for career advice and industry news
Freelance Switch (lots of tips and resources for fellow know-how is a must!
Escape From Illustration Island A great website for illustrators. Articles and Podcasts.
Cartoon Brew Animation Industry News
Animation World Network Animation Industry News
Animation Magazine Animation Industry News
The Society of Children's Book Writers and IllustratorsProfessional Organization for those working in the Children's Book field.
Students That Freelance An excellent blog run by fellow student freelancers. I'm also part of the "Ask a Student Freelancer" panel.
Animation Meat Check out their model sheets from famous animated movies and wonderful storyboard templates!
Why most design sites won't do spec workExcellent article on avoiding spec (no pay) work

Illustration Toolbox and
Illustration Class
Watercolor Secrets An online instructional series

Illustration Friday Hosts a weekly roundup of art inspired by a weekly theme. Fun, and encourages participation!
Illustration Pages: Highlighting the Facebook pages and online stores of visual artists from around the globe.
Features some of today's best character designers!

The Art Of Glen Keane My favorite animator/Character designer. He's worked on all the classic Disney characters like Beast and Aladdin. Most recently a lot on "Tangled."
Heather Castles Heather Castles has a wonderful blog detailing how to become a children's book illustrator. I love her soft, whimsical style!
Peter DeSeve One of my favorite illustrators. His work is humorous and just plain fun.
Ronnie Del Carmen A Pixar story artist who did a lot of heartwarming work on "Up"
Cartoon Saloon They animated the wonderful "Secret of Kells," a recent fave. Gorgeous stylized artwork!
Holli Conger She does the cutest, most cuddly children's art.
Dani Jones I love love love her style! She also has a live drawing session on weekdays on Ustream.
Erica Sirotich A fun and quirky lineart enthusiast
Optimistic Art by OksanciaCute vector art, and some nice tutorials
Chris Oatley Some nice digital painting tips and tutorials, and a weekly Art Cast.

Adobe Creative Suite CS5
Wacom (I love my Intuos 4 tablet, and am dreaming of a Cintiq someday)
Toon Boom Animation (My favorite 2D animation software)

Creative PawAn organization where you can donate your artistic services to help animals and non-profits (excellent source of free textures)
My Outer SpaceA fun sci-fi social network
Jacob's Cafe (my husband's blog on spirituality...gotta plug it!)


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I'm an animation student at the Art Institute, as well as a budding freelance illustrator and graphic designer. I tend to specialize in Disney-like character designs and 2D animation, but I also have the ability to do professional graphics like ads, logos, and photo effects. This blog will follow current projects I'm working on, provide advice to fellow designers, and just celebrate anything in the world of art that happens to catch my fancy!

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