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Gummie Bears, bouncing here and there and everywhere....

Has anyone else been noticing how many of the classic 80's/90's cartoons we grew up with are making a comeback? I've been seeing Care Bears, My Little Pony, Smurfs, and Strawberry Shortcake around the stores, just to name a few. So I was happy to hear that an event celebrating Disney's "Gummi Bears" series will be held soon!

According to Cartoon Brew magazine, the event on Saturday, Dec. 11th will be "a two-hour webinar featuring photos, artwork and interviews with the creative team that brought this show to life." I've participated in webinars before, and really enjoy having the ability to ask questions and hear behind-the-scenes stories all without having to change out of my pajamas, haha!

The downside is that the event will be charging $20 for access, which I'm not sure I can afford at the moment, (Perhaps if I cut someone off my Christmas list? Mom? Grandpa maybe? Just kidding) but it's limited to only 50 people, so don't miss it if you were a huge Gummi Bear fan.

You can find more info at the article:


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