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My Outer Space entry submitted!

I spent all last night working on finishing my entry for's contest. I had to take a voice clip from William Shatner, then animate it as an ad for the website using Toon Boom Animate Pro. The winner gets the full software (which costs thousands), free animation courses, and a spot on their animation team to work on a series. Cool!

It took a while to learn the software, but I have to admit, I really like the Toon Boom programs. It seems a little more "artist-friendly" than the typical Flash that's used for 2D web animation, and I've really appreciated how responsive Toon Boom seems to be in their forums when I have technical problems. Also, there's lots of tutorials on their website that explain everything in a really clear, easy to follow way.

Anyway, above is a screenshot from my animation. Does anyone recognize the "creature" behind him? (hint...think Disneyland and cheesy 3D....) I'll post the full video once I find out for sure if I'm allowed to...don't wanna accidentally disqualify myself! Plus, if I make the finals, I'll need a lot of votes... :)


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